These artists juggle objects, words and your mind! Illusions in front of, behind, next to and with black screens. In addition romantic and unromantic juggling as well as more arms and legs than two people can carry.


60 & 40 Minutes Version available


The ingenious Grubermaiers make electricity work in a miraculous way! A delicate lightshow production of Companie NiE.


12 Minutes


Red Carpet - Streetshow

Beautiful juggling, an absurd contortion and a foot who gets himself dressed. With everything said now there won´t at least be no more suprises.


15-20 Minutes

The Invisible Part

An encounter with the invisible. Desires, fears, thoughts that fell into oblivion. Who or what is the person on the other end of the arm? A game with hidden forces where we don´t know which one is manipulating the other.


6 Minutes

A Suitcase, A Brush and some Color

A suitcase, a brush and some color make 16.5 unexpected moments for the audience.



6 Minutes