These Artists Juggle Objects, Words and Your mind!

Sometimes they seem very serious. Sometimes they seem prosaic. And sometimes they are just playful and fool you over and over again. llusions in front of, behind, next to and with black screens. In addition romantic and unromantic juggling as well as more arms and legs than two people can carry.

From the beginning sign language leads through what is happening. And what is happening is highly of philosophical.


An absurd-visual mixture of Contemporary Circus, Physical Theatre and Object Theatre.  Companie NiE inspires audience aged between 5 and 155!


The show "Anschauen" is enjoyable for hearing impaired people as well as for people with normal hearing. Sign language will be used actively in the show and translated auditively.

60 & 40 Minutes Version

Melanie Möhrl & Bernhard Zandl

Regard Extérieur: Andreas Simma

Musik: Vitus Motreskou

Video: Sonja Lukas & Bernhard Zandl